Principal Investigator

Dr. Ricardo Hernández

Ricardo Hernández, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor in the Department of Horticultural Sciences in the area of Horticultural Energy.

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Undergraduate Research Assistant

Austin picture

Mitchell Austin Wrenn

NC State Senior

Agricultural Business Management Major
Horticultural Science Minor
Crop Science Minor

My interest in controlled environment agriculture began with my Grandfather, who in the early 1960’s began producing tomatoes and cucumbers in greenhouses. I have grown up working with greenhouses and I see a great potential for controlled environment vegetable production in North Carolina. My future goals are to continue into graduate school working with some type of controlled environment agriculture and to eventually return to my families farm in Middlesex, North Carolina.

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PhD student

Hans Spalholz

NC Graduate Student

Research area: Light manipulation to control the growth rate, morphology, development and phytochemicals of horticultural crops

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